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How to Pick Your Baby’s Name: Top 3 Ideas

How to Pick Your Baby’s Name: Top 3 Ideas

Oct 10, 2023

Coming up with a name for a child today cannot be as random as playing the Fruit Shop game. It seems like a real challenge to many parents. It’s hardly possible to take everything into account. How to find such a name to be beautiful and popular, but at the same time original, modern and classic? A real challenge with an asterisk. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you can call to the aid of various theories and approaches. For example, to choose a name for a child.

By Meaning

It’s known that each name has its own translation, which, as many believe, must necessarily affect the fate of your future astronaut or growing up ballerina. If you can not decide which name you like more, look at what each of them means, and choose the one that is closer in spirit.

By Sound

This theory refers to the subconscious. If you believe its supporters, any word consists of a set of sounds of different heights, which in a certain way affect our brain, thus creating a specific impression in it. Have you ever noticed that some words are pleasant to our ears, and some sound like nails on a blackboard?

The name we use from birth is one of the most powerful triggers for our psyche. After all, even if someone in the distance calls out to someone with the same name as you, you will involuntarily react, although, of course, you will realize that they are not addressing you at all.

Throughout our lives, we say and hear our name millions of times, and it makes a big imprint on us.

This is how we came up with the theory that if our names are triggers, then let them have an exceptionally pleasant effect on our brain. Phonosemantics can help in this – a special direction in linguistics, which analyzes certain sounds, words and entire texts. Remember how in school we analyzed poems in terms of sound? Supporters of this theory say that it’s worth doing the same to understand what associations it will cause both the child and others.

By the Numbers

Supporters of this theory are sure that the name should be chosen depending not only on the sex but also on the date of birth. After all, each number hides a special meaning, deciphering which you can comprehend if not the secrets of the universe, then the future of the child for sure.

People noticed the influence of numbers on their destiny in antiquity. According to numerology, numbers are present in our life from the moment of birth and at all stages of life’s path until death. Numerologists believe that two numbers are fundamental in human life: birth and name. And if everything is clear with the date of birth, then the name should be calculated using special tables.

If You Can’t Decide on a Name

There are situations when the family cannot decide on a name: parents’ opinions don’t agree or the authority of older relatives is pressed. And sometimes parents can’t think of a name they like.

Don’t be upset and conflict with relatives in such cases. Analyze the names offered by your relatives, discuss their meanings. Perhaps during conversations, opinions will begin to change or there will be more options. It’s better to conduct such dialogues in a respectful, calm tone, then the chances of agreement will be greater. Explain to your relatives that their opinion is important to you but the decision to choose a name should be made by the baby’s mom and dad.

If you cannot agree or you yourself cannot decide, put the question for later, until the birth of the child. In about 30% of cases, parents who have decided on the name of the baby, looking at the newborn, realize that the name doesn’t suit them.

When you see your baby, the name will definitely come. Perhaps it will happen immediately or after a few days. A calm, friendly attitude, and the face of the baby will help you in this.