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BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours: Customer Service of BOI

BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours: Customer Service of BOI

Jun 25, 2024

Aware is the key and you all are aware of Bank of India. This article will revolve around boi helpline number 24 hours. The banking services of Bank of India is very good. Their customer service is available for 24 hours a day. Yes, you heard it right the person who is a customer of this bank can contact the bank customer service at any time and at any day. This service of Bank of India never stops. Moreover, the solution is provided in the best manner. There is nothing like the bank will respond to your calls or to your questions. The solution quality is top notch. Any kind of query the customer will have it will be solved for sure at any cost on the call. The number will be toll free. Let’s know about this bank and about its customer service deeply.

About Bank of India: BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours

Bank of India is India’s one of the oldest bank. Bank of India was founded on 7th September 1906. The headquarters of this bank is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. There are total 5139 branches of this bank available in India. Total 5551 Automated Tailoring Machines are there in India. Rajneesh Karnatak is the Managing Director and the Chief Executive Officer of this Bank. In 1969 government owned this bank. The Bank of India has Rs. 1,272,887 crores. The first CEO of Bank of India was Tribhovandas Damodardas Kansara. Total 22 CEO’S has been appointed for this bank till date.

Language Feasibility: BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours

Whenever the person or the customer calls the customer service of Bank of India at that time they can select the language according to their preference. The language is not an issue in the customer service of this bank. In whichever language the customer wants to talk can talk after choosing the language in which they want to talk.

Digital Banking: BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours

Nowadays the whole nation has been shifted to the digital world. Everything can be done on the digital platforms. The banking is one of the main thing which people are doing on the internet through the digital platforms provided by their particular banks. So if the customer faces any kind of glitch then they can contact to the customer support and the customer support will take the charge from there. There are a lot of services like cards, loans, credit scores, statement, and payments. Moreover, if the customer needs any kind of guidance like if the customer wants to know that how this service works online then also they will give the customer full assistance.

How to Contact: BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours

It is very easy to contact the customer support of this bank. There are some specific and particular number for particular queries.

Problem related to Debit Card

  • Toll Free Number: 1800 425 1112
  • Land Line Number: 022- 40429123 or 022-40429127
  • Queries Related to Credit Card Services
    Common Numbers
  • Toll Free: 1800220088
  • Land Line Number: 022-40426005

If the customer wants to deactivate their debit card

  • Toll Free Number: 1800220088
  • Land Line Number: 02240426006
  • The landline number for Merchant Enrolment is 02261312937

Improving the Service: BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours

The Bank of India is increasing the employees and the resources so that they can improve their customer service more. As this bank has a lot of customers, so it happens that sometime people gets irritated due to the no response or the late response. It does not happen all the time but in some stances incident like this takes place. For all these things and issues the bank of India has taken a good step. They are hiring more and more employee, so that every customer should be assisted on the first call. Nobody should wait on call according to the bank and their higher authorities. Moreover, the equipment’s and the resources are also getting upgrade for the better customer service experience.

No Time Restriction: BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours

One of the most attractive and the most important thing about this bank is that they do not set a time limit for their customer service. If the customer is facing an issue in the midnight or on Sunday, then also they can get into the touch of the customer support of the bank. The customers have that benefit to get their work done at any day of the week and at any time of the day. This built a feel of trust between the customer and the bank.

BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours
BOI Helpline Number 24 Hours


Lastly, we want to say that this bank is running from a long period of time. It is more than a century. They are giving their best to provide a better support to all of their customers. Now the thing is they are enhancing their service more so there should not be any loophole in their services. They take care of all the needs and the problems of their customers. That is the reason that this bank is running form so long.

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