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Father of Mathematics: Archimedes of Syracuse

Father of Mathematics: Archimedes of Syracuse

Jun 29, 2024

Mathematics has shown a lot of great changes in the society and in the world. This article is also based on the father of mathematics. Yes, you heard it right. So do you guys know who was and who is known as the father of mathematics. He was none other than Archimedes. One of the greatest name in the world of mathematics. Archimedes is also known as Archimedes of Syracuse. He blessed this world when he arrived here for the first time on 287 BC. Then in the year 212 BC he left for the eternal journey but also left a very huge legacy behind him.

Overview: Father of Mathematics

His impact in the world of mathematics is unbelievable. All his discoveries of the theories and the way he used to solve every equation without any problem. Even in today’s time as well his theories are used by a lot of people for the solutions. Moreover, Archimedes was not only into maths but he was also an expert in Physics, Astronomy, Mechanics, and Engineering. A lot more interesting facts and details are there about him. To know all these information’s, you guys have to go through the rest of the article.

Early Life: Father of Mathematics

Archimedes blessed the land of Syracuse Siege by his birth. He was a legend who is older than Jesus Christ as well. Archimedes got the hierarchy of astronomy from his father itself. The name of his father was Phidias. He was an astronomer. Archimedes made his contribution in many of the fields. Still he had that interest of doing mathematics from his childhood. His favourite subjects were mathematics and physics. Both these subjects have a lot of equations and derivations. So Archimedes was find of doing or solving a lot of equations and physics form a very young age. His parents noticed this thing and they also supported him. He got the support from the family and was sent to the Egyptian School of Mathematics. Then Archimedes proved that the decision was not wrong.

Honour due to his Impact: Father of Mathematics

Archimedes has earned a lot of impact as he discovered a lot of theories and solved a lot of equations of maths in his life span. All the mathematicians consider him as their idol. It is all because of his work. Even one of the British author ranked Archimedes in the top 3 best mathematicians in this history till date. In many of the places there are awards based on his name. Moreover, the great scientist Isaac Newton and Carl Friedrich Gauss value Archimedes and his discoveries very much and not only this. They also consider him as their idol. Archimedes also got the name of the asteroid as well. Still there is nobody has touched his level in the world of mathematics.

Role of Archimedes in the World of Mathematics: Father of Mathematics

He gave a lot to the world if talk about the mathematics. Let’s have a look on some of them. He founded the exponent system and it is known as law of exponents. It is known as law of exponents. This law was founded for the large numbers. There are all the rules and laws he found in the specific books. Moreover, he also discovered pie value. You guys have studied this thing at least once in your life. The value of pie is 22/7. It helps in all the queries and the solution of the circle. Then he also discovered the area of different shapes. In this discovery he found out two things. One is S=4r2 and the second one is V= (4/3) r3.

Principles: Father of Mathematics

In school as well students learn his principles. They are widely known as Archimedes principle. This explained the buoyant force to the world. According to this principle whenever an object you will put into a jar filled with water then the object can drown or partially. At that time the water pushes back the object to the upward direction. The weight of the object at that will be the same as the weight of the fluid which got shifted because of the object. So that upward force is known as buoyant force.

Demise of Father of Mathematics

There are several stories you will find about his death. There is one of the most circulated story. So the Archimedes was asked or ordered by a Roman soldier that the king of Rome is calling him. Now the Archimedes was so much into the mathematics that at the time of solving the equation or discovering something Archimedes used to ignore everyone and everybody. He said no to the Roman soldier and the soldier got angry and killed Archimedes by his sword.

Now Rome captured the place where he used to live. Archimedes were holding some of the equipment’s related to the mathematics. Archimedes was so famous as a mathematician and a scientist. So the king of the Rome wanted to meet him and use him as his asset. That is why he also ordered that he want Archimedes alive. The fact was that he got murdered by one of his soldier and this made the king very angry and sad.

Father of Mathematics
Father of Mathematics


Lastly, we want to say that it is not a need to tell you who was Archimedes: father of mathematician. His all the discoveries and the principles are still helping the people those who are related to the mathematics and physics. His legacy will never end and so does his discoveries.

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