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Ghost of Tsushima PC: The Window Version is Going to be Launched

Ghost of Tsushima PC: The Window Version is Going to be Launched

May 15, 2024

Mobile games are okay but when it comes to the PC games then it is more than the games. The PC games are so realistic and gives a very real feel to the players. It connects the player with the game as it is an another world where player is free to do a lot of things as a hero or whatever the character is. Not every PC game is that good but the games which are designed this way with the good graphics and controls are the one which are next level. One of the game is Ghost of Tsushima PC. This game was released in 2020.

The genre of this game is action adventure. In this the game the main character has to save an Island named Tsushima. This game comes with a lot of twists and turns that it excites the player and keep them connected with the game. This article is filled with all the interesting facts and details of this game. Let’s explore all of them.

Prologue: Ghost of Tsushima PC

The game Ghost of Tsushima is a very adventurous game with the action as well.  There is a person who is a samurai saving his Island from the outsiders and the invaders. The player will be playing as the samurai and not with their name. This developer of this game is Sucker Punch Productions. Sony Interactive Entertainment is the Publisher of the game. Ian Ryan, Liz Albl, Patrick Downs, and, Jaordan Lemos are the writers of this game. Chris Zimmerman is the Programmer of the game. Brian Fleming is the producer of the game.

Nate Fox and Jason Connell is the director of the game. Ilan Eshkeri and Shigeru Umeabayashi are the composers of the game. This game can be played on PSP4 and PSP5. This game was released on 17th July 2020. The special thing is that this game is going to be released for the windows and the date is 16th of this month 2024. Now those who does not have the play station can enjoy this game on their laptop and computers.

Concept of the Game: Ghost of Tsushima PC

In this game there is a character named Jin. Jin is a samurai and when you are playing this game you are playing as Jin and not with your own name. So the Jin is the main character and the hero of the game ans in tbis tory. He is the protector of the Tsushima Island. Jin travels the whole Island by riding a horse. Jin carries a weapon called Katana and with that he can fight with the enemies. Once Jin fought with the enemies then he has to face a lot more enemies. A lot of enemies then come and fight with Jin. There will be battles and with every battle the strike will become bigger and bigger. With every Jin will learn new fighting techniques and skills.

This will make him a great warrior with every war. In the game the fighting with enemies needs the better stance and if that is better than Jin can win from the enemies. Now the stance unlocking will be according to the war with enemies. The enemies are the invaders of Mongolia. These Mongolian invaders invaded in Japan island named Tsushima. The very great and powerful stance in this game is Ghost stance.

This stance can only be unlocked once Jin will kill a specific number of enemies and along with the numbers Jin should not have any damage. Now this seems a bit hard like fighting with a lot of enemies and that too without any injury that seems like an impossible task. So other way to unlock this stance is that Jin needs to kill a Mongolian Leader and then this stance can be unlocked. Now killing a single person seems easy but as being a leader his powers will be much more than the normal enemies.

Modes of Game: Ghost of Tsushima PC

This game can be played solo. Still if the players want to add some extra players then there is a mode of multiplayer. In this mode player can add other players and can play together and can fight with the enemies together. Even in the multiplayer mode there are 3 modes available. The 3 modes are described below:

Story Mode: In this mode the player can add one more player and then they both can complete the given tasks

Survival Mode: In this mode more than 3 players and less than 5 players can complete the given task. Which means 4 players can play this game in this mode

Rivals Mode: In this mode two teams can be created. Every team comprising of two players and then both the team needs clear the targets before the other team and that’s the way to win the game.

Ghost of Tsushima PC
Ghost of Tsushima PC


Lastly, we want to say that this game is more than interesting and the player can feel like a warrior while playing this game. The special thing is that all the persons those who does not have play station 4 and 5 can play this game in their laptop and computer. That’s is the main news that ghost of tsushima pc is going to be launched on 16th May 2024. So the wait is almost over and then you can enjoy it in your laptop or computer.

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