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Hobby Lobby Hours: Huge Store for Art and Craft

Hobby Lobby Hours: Huge Store for Art and Craft

Jun 24, 2024

There are a lot of stores of daily needs and many more things. Now there is a store in which people can get the things or the products of art and crafts. A lot of people loves the art and craft. Even people love to keep such things their house as it looks good in the house as a show piece,. So this article is based on hobby lobby hours. Yes the store name is Hobby Lobby. This store is the one which sells a lot of products which is totally based on art and craft. This store is the best place for all the art and craft lovers.

This company was founded on 3rd August 1972.The city was Oklahoma, United States of America. When this store was opened at that time it was known as Hobby Lobby Creative Centers. David Green was the person who founded Hobby Lobby. This article will release a lot of vital facts about this store and moreover the timings of this store. So that you can visit to the store according to your plans and at the correct time.

Initial Phase: Hobby Lobby Hours

The starting period of this store has a good story. As it is mentioned above that this company was founded in the year 1972 by David Green. Now along with David there was one more person and his name was Barbara Green. They both made a lot of small pictures and frames. The did not go anywhere for this. They both did it from their own house. When they found it sufficient then after 2 years they both started their start up. The area was around 300 square foot for their first store. That was the time they started in a small place with a loan. After that they never looked back and now more than 1000 stores are there of Hobby Lobby. One more thing is that they took a loan of $600 in the year 1970. The amount was high according to that period of time.

Basic Stats: Hobby Lobby Hours

Overall headquarters in Oklahoma covers more than 12 million square feet place. In this huge area they control their manufacturing, office complex, and distribution as well

According to the reports this store has more than Seventy Thousand products which makes it a store in which lack of products and varieties is not possible

This store runs a lot of branches and for that obviously they hired a lot of employees. So the reports tell that the total number of employees in this company are more than 46000. This is a huge number. They started with a loan and now they are giving employment to this huge number of peoples.

Cost Cutting from Stores: Hobby Lobby Hours

They are spreading their business very rapidly. It is all because of their hard-work. Their sale is going good wherever they are opening their stores. So they follow a very simple plan. Whenever a good company or store expand their business in a new place, so at that time they buy some new place or office. This store does not believe in that. They search a place which is old and used as a big store previously. Such stores of place helps them to get a big percentage if discount on their property purchasing. They at least look for some Ninety Thousand Square Feet place for their stores. This is how they go for the old buildings and save some money from their investment.

Hobby Lobby Hours

  • Now let’s have a look on the main topic of today’s article. That is the timings of this store. So all the timings are given below:
  • In the weekdays which is from Monday till Saturday the store pens at their normal time which 09:00 AM in the morning. The closing time for all these days is 08:00 AM in the night.
  • On Sunday there is no time because n Sunday it remain closed. It is a holiday in all their stores.
  • Thanks Giving Day is also considered as a Holiday
  • The Friday and the Saturday after the Thanks Giving day the timing of the store is from 08:00 AM in the morning. The closing time is 09:00 AM in  the night.
  • Christmas Day is also a Holiday. The store remains closed on Christmas
  • The timing on the New Year Day is from 09:00 AM in the morning till 05:30 AM in the evening
  • That is all bout the timings of this store in the normal days and on the holidays as well
Hobby Lobby Hours
Hobby Lobby Hours


Lastly, we want to say that they have done some amazing work. This is all because of the talent. The pictures and frame manufacturing in the house to 1000 stores. It is unbelievable. They filed a lawsuit against America for some of the unwanted laws, rules and regulation. Filing a case against the laws is a very big thing. This reflects their power their status and their persona in the society. This is the best place to visit for art and craft. If you have not visited their store then just go and explore some great artistic and crafting with a lot of variety

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