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Sourav Joshi: Well Known Vlogger of YouTube

Sourav Joshi: Well Known Vlogger of YouTube

May 27, 2024

The vlogs and the many videos on the you tube is a great source of entertainment. That is why this platform became a very big social media platform in the world. The creators available on this platform got the recognition in the very short period of time. Sourav Joshi is one of them. You guys have heard his name several times and also watched his videos on his you tube channel. Saurav Joshi did not start with the vlogs and the videos. Instead doing all these things Saurav used to share some art and sketches made by him on the social media platform of Facebook.

Though he started too early but he got the game and the recognition in last few years. Saurav started making video on You Tube in the year 2017. Then in the year 2020 he took a challenge for him that he will upload 365 videos in the coming next 365 days. Which means one video every day for a year. So this was the turning point of his life and then he started getting from the you tube what he did expect.

Physical Attributes: Sourav Joshi

Physical Stats are one of the important part of the celebrities to discuss. So let’s have a look on the physical appearance of Saurav:

So Saurav stands at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches tall

He weighs around 57 kg

Saurav’s eye colour is Brown

Now when it comes about his hair then they are black in colour

Saurav does not have any kind of tattoo on his body. So that is all about the physical appearance

Academic Career: Sourav Joshi

Saurav is a talented and a skillful person. Before making videos on you tube he used to make sketches. So he is an artist. Along with that let’s have a look on the studies of Saurav. So he completed his schooling from a local school. This school is a government school which is located in Hissar. Haryana. As it is mentioned above that he loves doing art from a very long period of time. So he also pursued his higher studies from Punjab Group of College. He holds the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts. That is all we found and we accumulated in this article about his academic life.

Family: Sourav Joshi

Let’s have a look on the family of Saurav Joshi. Saurav Joshi family is very good and also many times they have been spotted in the videos of Saurav Joshi

So Saurav is the son his father Harinder Joshi. His mother name is Hema Joshi. They all look very good and happy together. Their family looks like a dream family for everyone. Now let’s move ahead with the information about the Saurav Joshi’s siblings.

Saurav Joshi have 2 younger siblings. One of them is Sahil Joshi. The another younger brother  of Saurav Joshi is Piyush Joshi. Piyush has been seen several times in the vlogs of Saurav. So this is all about the happy family of Saurav Joshi.

Relationship: Sourav Joshi

Saurav Joshi is not single. His relationship is not hidden. Saurav Joshi is dating Payal Thapa for so long. On 15th April 2024 Saurav got the guts and proposed his girlfriend on a beach and said will you marry me. It was so romantic and filmy as well.

Career: Sourav Joshi

Saurav Joshi was a great intelligent student in his school days. He used to upload the sketch oh himself on the social media named Facebook. Saurav has drawn a lot of pencil sketch of the celebrities like Hrithik, Dhoni, and many more stars. Then he made his you tube channel in 2018. After that he put his first video on the YouTube in 2019. He got famous in the year 2020 when covid was going on. That was the best time to boost the channel as the phone was the only thing to do all the day. Once he became a well known You Tuber then he started collaborating with the other great you tubers. Along with him his brother is also so famous. So whatever he is having is all what he deserves.

Net worth: Sourav Joshi

Through the social media like you tube and Instagram. Saurav earns a lot income. All these sources makes his net worth to another level which makes him a rich person. So after keeping all things in mind and researching well about him it is found that his net worth is ₹30 crore.

Sourav Joshi
Sourav Joshi

Social media : Sourav Joshi

You can follow this brilliant guy on the Instagram through the given link:


Lastly, we want to say that Saurav Joshi did hard work and he is a very talented guy. The fame he got he could have dated several girls but he proposed a girl named Priya at such a young age. He accepted the girl in front of the world. So this shows that how much a good human being he is and what a great personality he carries.


  • Saurav Joshi completed his education from Haryana
  • He was born in Almora, Uttrakhand
  • His zidiac sign is Virgo
  • Saurav is a Hindu by religion
  • He owns Fortuner
  • Along with the fortuner he also owns Innova and Thar
  • Saurav also have one KTM bike
  • He loves doing art and sketch

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