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What is the most expensive thing in the world?

What is the most expensive thing in the world?

Apr 3, 2024


What is the most expensive thing in the world: Indeed, money is a significant part of our society and world in many aspects. Well, sometimes some of this money is spent by someone to make something spectacular. For the same reason, we see unique stuff which has cost a lot of money. Well, are you a curious individual? And, did your curiosity make you wonder what are the most expensive man-made things in this world? Well, if you have had this curiosity then you are not alone. Indeed, it makes us wonder what are some of the things that have cost billions of dollars in the making. Also, learning about what these things are is also interesting. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top most expensive things in the world and tell you everything about them.

While doing so we will be very elaborate and comprehensive so that you understand everything. Moreover, you are sure to get entertained as well with the help of interesting facts satisfying your curiosity. That is why we recommend you to read this till the end.

Number 1: International Space Station (What is the most expensive thing in the world?)

According to Guinnes World Records, the International Space Station is the most expensive and costly thing ever created by a human. Evidently, it cost a total of more than 150 billion US dollars. Indeed, that is a big amount. According to our sources, this space station took more than 12 years to be completed. Moreover, since 2002 this space station has housed many astronauts and visitors from 18 countries. Also, at the same time it has been used to execute thousands of experiments.

The ISS can be described as a space station which got assembled and to this day is maintained in low Earth Orbit space. This space station is a product of collaboration between NASA (USA), Roscosmos (Russia), JAXA (Japan), ESA (Europe), CSA (Canada) as well as their contractors.

To this day, ISS is the largest space station to have ever been built. Additionally, it was launched back on 20th November 1998 which is more than 25 years ago. Lastly, the ISS is divided into a total of two parts which are the Russian Orbital Segment and the US Orbital Segment.

What is the most expensive thing in the world?
What is the most expensive thing in the world?

Number 2: Yacht History Supreme (What is the most expensive thing in the world?)

Undeniably, Yacht History Supreme is the world’s most expensive yacht made and sold. Evidently, it is priced at 4.8 billion US dollars. Furthermore, this yacht is made with 10000 kg of gold and platinum. Things like the base of the boat, the deck, dining area, rails and anchor are made with gold and platinum. Whereas, this yacht also includes various other extravagances. For example, there are various statues on this yacht which are made from the bone of a T-Rex. Also, their are wine glasses on this yacht which are made from 18-carot diamonds. According to our sources, this yacht had been designed by Stuart Hughes. Additionally, the richest man from Malaysia named Robert Knok bought this yacht. According to Daily Mail, this yacht took more than three years to be completely made. In fact, during its making more than 220000 Pounds of precious metals were used.

Number 3: Antilia (What is the most expensive thing in the world?)

Antilia is a very expensive building. Furthermore, the name of this building is after an island from the 15th century Spanish tales of the Atlantic Ocean Antilla. Evidently, this building is the residence of the Indian billionaire named Mukesh Ambani as well as his family. Additionally, according to sources and claims this building can efficiently withstand and survive a harsh earthquake of 8 magnitude. Moreover, this building is known to include a total of three helipads.

Whereas, Antilia also has a very huge parking space which is sufficient enough to park around 160 cars. Certainly, more than 2 billion US dollars have been spent in the making of this building. This building can be described as a residential skyscraper. Hence, this building is located in Mumbai, India. This building has a total of 27 floors/stories. Lastly, according to sources within this building there are various recreational spaces such as a home cinema, a swimming pool, a health spa and a ballroom.

Honourable mentions (What is the most expensive thing in the world?)

THE CARD PLAYERS’ PAINTING- It is a painting among the most expensive things in the world. Basically, it can be described as a series of oil paintings with subjects playing card games on a table. These paintings are made by the French Post-Impressionist artist named Paul Cezanne. Evidently, these series of paintings were made by the artist in his final period during the 1890s. Specifically, there are a total of 5 paintings in this series. According to sources, this series of paintings has been sold for more than 250 million US dollars to Qatar’s royal family. Indeed, this is the highest price in history to have been paid for a piece of art.

HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE- This telescope holds the record and title for being the most expensive telescope ever built. Furthermore, the creation of this Telescope cost 2.1 billion US Dollars. Evidently, this Telescope was made back in 1990. Till the time from its invention, it has been used to explore the universe. In fact, this telescope has been used for understanding various discoveries in the universe.


It is absolutely mind-blowing and astonishing to think about how much money has been spent to make these things. This is the end of this blog. In conclusion, we hope that we managed to provide you with all the information you need. We also expect that you got entertained while reading this. We discussed these expensive things in detail to give you the most information. Lastly, you can consider checking out more of our blogs if you enjoyed reading this one.

AUTHOR- Piyush Chauhan

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