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Arch Kelley III: Ex-Husband of Wynonna Judd

Arch Kelley III: Ex-Husband of Wynonna Judd

Jun 20, 2024

This article is about a person who is so much famous due to a lot of things. Nowadays people are looking for some of his latest updates. So we are talking about arch kelley iii. Yes you heard it right he was born on 23rd March 1931. The first ever he opened his eyes he was in Dickson, Tennessee, United States of America. In the current time he resides in Nashville, United Sates of America. Arch is a well known businessman. The real fame and recognition he got when he got married to his wife Wynonna Judd. Wynonna a great personality in the music industry of United States of America. After sometime the couple parted their ways. There are a lot more interesting tings to know about him. So let’s explore through this article.

Physical Attributes: Arch Kelley III

  • Let’s take a dig on the Physical Attributes of Arch Kelly III
  • He stands at a height if 5feet and 8 inches tall
  • He weighs around 70 kg
  • The colour of his eyes are brown
  • His hair are brown in colour

Family and Relations: Arch Kelley III

Now this is the family time in this article. So let’s see about the family if Arch Kelley III.

Arch is the son of Arch Kelley Snr. The name of his mother is Pearl Potts. Arch has two children from his wife. The name of one of the child is Elijah Judd. The name of another child is Pauline Kelley. He got married to the famous singer Wynonna Judd. Later both the couple got divorced due to personal conflicts.

Arch Kids: Arch Kelley III

Arch and Judd was blessed with their first child. Their first child was Elijah Judd. He was born on 23rd December 1994. Now the thing is that they got their first baby before their marriage. Now Elijah is a young boy of 28 years old. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

Then in the year 1996 the couple blessed with their second child. The name of their second child is Grace Pauline Kelley. He was born on 21st June. Grace also lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Both the brother were raised together.

The couple raised their kids very well. Moreover, they never let their conflicts comes between their parenting. The couple became very great parents and fulfilled their responsibilities towards their kids very well.

Judd’s Life After Divorce: Arch Kelley III

When the famous got divorced then after that Wynonna Judd dated her personal bodyguard for few years. After that they both got married in the month of November and in the year 2003. The name of her second husband and her former bodyguard is D.R. Roach. Though this relation of Judd did not work well and they both got divorced in the year 2007. After that she met to the musician as she is also a musician and  then when she met that musician their music got matched and then they both got married in the year 2012. The name of her third husband is Cactus Moser. They both were the member of the band named Wynonna and The Big Noise

Net Worth: Arch Kelley III

Arch Kelley runs multiple businesses. Through this he generates a good amount of money. Moreover, he is also a great and known personality so there are some earnings form his social media as well. Now if we look at his earnings then they are quite good. According to the reports his overall net worth is around $5 million dollars.  

Arch Kelley III
Arch Kelley III

Social Media: Arch Kelley III

Arch Kelley is not active on any of the social media much. So the only updates about him you can get on the internet and in the news only.

Arch and Judd : Arch Kelley III

They both met in the year 1993. At that time Arch was a great businessman but he was not that much famous. After that when started dating Judd then he got into spotlight. At that time they Judd were a great singer. Then it happened that they both fell in love so hard that they blessed with a baby boy without marriage. This couple was a loving couple but unfortunately they both got divorced.


Lastly, we want to say that Arch Kelley lived his life like a gentleman. He got married once in his life and then he got divorced and decided to be alone for the rest of his life. Arch Kelley keeps his life private and does not share about him anything. He keeps himself away from the media. Arch Kelley became a great father, a great man, and a great personality. He is a person who lives his life with peace and nothing else. So that’s all about Arch Kelley.


  • He holds the nationality of America
  • Arch follows the religion Christianity
  • Even after almost 30 years his marital status is still Divorced. Yes he never married again
  • His zodiac sign is Virgo
  • He got the fame after meeting and marrying Wynonna Judd

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