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Eleanor Talitha Bailey: A 9 Year Young Model

Eleanor Talitha Bailey: A 9 Year Young Model

Jun 20, 2024

This article will talk about a very cute girl named Eleanor Talitha Bailey. She landed on the planet earth on 12th February 2015. Eleanor got different cultures due to her parents. She was born in United States of America. Eleanor looks exactly like her mother. Her mother is none other than Devon Aoki. Devon Aoki is the famous  personality in the United States of America. She made her name so big through a lot of projects in the modelling industry.

Other than this she has also featured in many of the movies and did a brilliant acting in all her movies. Eleanor looks like her her mother and got a good fame in a very young age. She also works with her mother in some of her projects. Eleanor is currently in the talks due to her face and her work. She got enriched with various cultures due to her family. Devon is also enriched with more than one culture.

Physical Attributes: Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Now let’s have a look on her physical stats. Though she is very young still her parents train her well ad that is also one of the reason that she is one of the well known personality in the industry at a very young age.

  • Height: Eleanor stands at a height of 4 feet and 3 inches tall
  • Weight: She weighs around 40 kg
  • Others: Her eyes are brown in colour. The colour of her hair is also Dark Brown.

That’s all about her Physical Attributes

Academic Career: Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Even after a deep research it is found that there is nothing much available about her. The only thing we got to know that she is maintaining her education along with her work very well. Apart form her schooling she is getting trained for the modelling and getting some

Real good skills as a model. That is why there is a quote about her a star in the making.

Family: Eleanor Talitha Bailey

  • Now let’s talk about her family. The most important part of everyone’s life.
  • Eleanor is a cute and a loving daughter of her father James Bailey. James Bailey is also one of the famous and well known personality
  • As it is already mentioned above that Eleanor mother name is Devon Aoki. Devon Aoki the well known personality in the modelling and the film industry as well.
  • Eleanor maternal grandfather name is Hiroaki Aoki. He was a very famous wrestler. Morover, he also participated in the Olympics as well. Apart from wrestling he also owned Benihana Restaurant Chain.
  • Devon started her career in modelling at the age of 13. Then by the age of 16 she got a good recognition in this industry. She also started her career at a very young age but her daughter got the fame at a very young age. Yes it is a fact that she got the benefit of her mother’s career and fame. Still its her attributes and skills that took her from the earth to the sky.
  • Now, let’s have a look on her siblings. She has 3 siblings.
  • Devon got blessed with a baby girl recently in the year 2020. The name of her is Evelyn Bailey.
  • Then comes the elder son of Bailey family and his name is James Hunter Jr. James was born in the year 2011.
  • Last but not least Eleanor has one more sister and her name is Alessandra Linville Bailey. She took birth on 12th February 2013

Career : Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Eleanor is doing great in her career. Her career is not so much big but with a very little work she got a very great fame and recognition. She started her career in the modelling industry with her mother and got featured in the Vogue Japan in the year 2023 and the month of November. All her appearances and skills and her work reflects that she is undoubtedly the next big name in the industry if fashion, modelling, and style.

Sports Enthusiast: Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Eleanor is one f the very versatile personality. She studies well, she does a very great work, and she plays some sports as well. There is no doubt that she is almost good in almost every sport. The proved one is horse riding. Recently in one of the race she secured the first place. It was a park competition.

Hierarchy: Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Eleanor got a lot of thing in heritage. As we know her beauty. So she got all her fine features from her mother. Now she got famous in the modelling industry that is too because she got this benefit from her mother as she is one of the very great personality in the modelling industry. Now she is also rich because of her family. If we talk about the culture, then she belongs to a family where more than one culture is there. There are 3 cultures in their house which they belongs to and follow as well. So the roots of her family belongs German, Japan, and Europe.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey
Eleanor Talitha Bailey


Lastly, we want to say that this cute girl doing the real great modelling at a very young age. She will definitely broke all the records of her mother and will become one of the very big model in the coming time. We all wish her all the best.


  • Her father is a businessman
  • Pamela Hilburger is her grandmother. She is an artist and a Jewelry designer
  • Her Zodiac Sign is Aquarius
  • She follows Christianity
  • Eleanor got the award for Marketing Excellence
  • She also got awarded fir Business Leader if the Year.

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